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This blog is put up to share some of my animal housing and related projects.

I update as any of the projects progress or new projects are started.

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Learning Garden coming alive.

Biodome Learning Garden

We got a commission to build a Learning Garden for a school.

We’re going aquaponics on it.

The minimum system we suggested was a 500 gal / 2000 l tank with growbeads fitting the tank.


So we are planning on making an aquaponics system in a school. Aiming at teaching kids how to grow food.
Adding a couple of narratives to increase interest…

The space they gave us is called “Biodome”. Loving it!

Early stages:

Rack and tank



Rack, tank, growbeds


To be continued…

Streambank Paludarium 3.0

Making new hardscape for the Streambank tank.

The tank is 240 x 40 x 30 cm, the emersed bank will be about 70 cm high.

With rootsies, what else?



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Mudskipper paludarium reborn!

The hardscape curing.

First inhabitants in The Crabludarium!

I love it when you succeed in creating a habitat suitable for the inhabitant.





Waiting for starting submerged planting.


A vid of the crabarium at early planting stage

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