Streambank Paludarium 3.0

Making new hardscape for the Streambank tank.

The tank is 240 x 40 x 30 cm, the emersed bank will be about 70 cm high.

With rootsies, what else?



Thanks for visiting.


2 responses to “Streambank Paludarium 3.0

  • Mari

    Wow. I am getting mudskippers for my son for christmas and came across your site. I love making things and can see the amount of knowledge, labor and inspiration that goes into your work. What sealed the deal about how cool you must be was Möykky Alaska (I’m so *very sorry* for your loss). Would love to try this on a much smaller scale someday (I would worry about not knowing if I was using toxic mats tho’!)…I am a little inspired to make a Groot costume, tho’! Best and thanks for sharing. -M

    • hx67

      Can’t thank you enough for your feedback, Mari.

      Your son is potentially looking at The Christmas of all Christmases.

      Grout costume sounds like a riot!

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