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Streambank Paludarium 3.0

Making new hardscape for the Streambank tank.

The tank is 240 x 40 x 30 cm, the emersed bank will be about 70 cm high.

With rootsies, what else?



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Streambank Paludarium

An aquarium trying to mimic a bank of a swift-flowing stream.

The hardscape:

Flow in this tank is lateral, from one end to the other and is powered with one Tunze Stream 6060 pump, prefiltered with a custom foam set. Waterflow is channeled to the other end inside the hardscape.

Basic filtering is taken care of by a 60 liter/15 gal sump


Originally I made just the tank and a fake rock hardscape for it.

Then later I wanted to add a bank for emersed growth and vegetation

I made some basic rootsies on the fake stone bank:


The tank was made for small flow-loving fish species. A few examples of the fish there have been:

Sewellia elongatas

Yunnanilus cruciatus:

Plants really make the scape, here’s a few pics along the way:

A fullish tank shot (early, not much submerged growth):

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