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The Buddha

Here’s a tribute to the greatest animal I’ve ever known.

Möykky Alaska, The Amazing Roommate Raccoon.

Born 2000, he shared accommodation at for 13 years.

With a heavy heart I am sorry to tell Möykky passed away 2.3.2013. He will be missed by a group of friends and fans.

Thanks for an amazing companionship, Möke, and happy trails!

Thanks, buddy, for rescuing me.



Hello, there.

I’m Möykky Alaska. As a raccoon I am the highest life-form on planethx. Been so for over 12 years now.

I tend to neglect other animals at the planet, but I love water an sich. So, every time any water is at my reach, I go for it. Aquariums are especially interesting little ponds, but I like to bathe in the tub as well.

Here’s me fitting on a tank

And checking out the stand of another

And another pic from my nano-reef days. I found this fresh live rock abandoned on the floor and wanted to save it from drying out:

Thanks for visiting, be free to ask me any questions about aquariums.


Kill! Innocent I scream 40 teeth weatherman Kevät




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